Sour cherry juice concentrate

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Sour cherry juice concentrate

Ongoing Scientific Research shows that daily consumption of sour cherry juice can promote good quality of life and well-being in humans. Sourcherry is among the fruits and vegetables with the highest antioxidant value. Drinking sourcherry juice daily may help you control pain, fight and prevent some chronic diseases. It helps any healthy conscious people looking for the possibility of improved health and pain-free living.
* Vitamins and other useful substances contained : Vitamins A and C, and Malic and Citric acids.
* Natural sourcherry juice cleans the acidic blood after the feverish diseases.
* As well as quenching thirst, it plays an active role in removing surplus water accumulated in the body.
* It also ensures the proper functioning of the stomach and liver.
So we recommend you to make sourcherry juice of our produced sourcherry juice concentrate and drink it to keep healthy all your life!

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